TLC for your Teddy

GUND recommends the following for cleaning their animals:

Unless your GUND animal has a tag which states "machine washable," they are surface washable only.

Surface (Hand) Washable only
Machine Washable

Best results are obtained by carefully following these instructions:

All fancy trims and ornaments such as garments, ribbons and flowers should always be removed before washing. Your animal should never be immersed in water. Using a clean, damp, cloth or sponge, lightly blot the plush (as opposed to rubbing) with tepid water and using a gentle cleanser such as GUND's Teddy BearBath or Woolite, spray on the area and wait for 10-15 seconds. Using your cloth or sponge, gently blot dampness and rub area into a foamy lather. Do not saturate the fabric and do not use bleach.

Squeeze the animal thoroughly several times in the folds of a clean terry towel to remove excess moisture and allow to air dry. When dried, after about 48 hours, the animal can then be fluffed and brisky brushed with a clean dry cloth leaving your animal GUNDerfully clean, beautiful and ready for hugging. Multiple applications may be necessary. For best results, first test cleanser on a small area of plush.

GUND's Teddy BearBath is available from Bear St. and may be purchased by clicking here

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