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Spanky, Chief Executive Bear (CEB).
Mohair Puddles

$76 $19US 8"/20cm
In stock

   Surface Washable   Measured lying down

Edition limited to 1000
Original Schulte Mohair

Gund Mohair Puddles
Puddles has been your best friend forever, and has just been introduced in slightly distressed, caramel colored, Genuine Mohair! Gund's smooshable, bestseller pup feels like an old familiar buddy. Created to be a fun-time companion, Puddles' floppy ears and honest expression make him ideal for sharing secrets, keeping away bumps in the night, and good old-fashioned cuddling.

The best bears wear Schulte's natural coats! Schulte uses 100% Mohair to produce Teddy Bear fabrics. Mohair is the natural hair of the Angora goat (no relation of the angora rabbit). Mohair got it's name from the Arabian term "Muhayyar", which means "fabric of goat hair". Since 1901 the finest Mohair fabrics are produced at Schulte in Germany. The happiest Teddies wear a fur made of genuine pure Schulte-Mohair; 100% natural!

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