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Spanky, Chief Executive Bear (CEB).
Spunky Comfy Cozy, blue

$69 $33US 22"/56cm
In stock

   Machine Washable   Measured lying down

Gund Spunky Comfy Cozy, blue
Your Spunky Comfy Cozy is the perfect pal and sleeping companion! His fur is short pile plush in baby blue, and his body is like a fluffy blanket with a soft pillow head detailed with embroidered facial features. He also has satin paw accents on the bottom of his paws. Importantly, Spunky Comfy Cozies are machine washable! Your child's naps will become something special with this Spunky Cozy.
SpecsSpecsSpunky Comfy Cozy, pinkSpunky Comfy Cozy, pink
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Spunky's family continues...
Gund Spunky Loveable Hugs, blue Gund Spunky Comfy Cozy, pink
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